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About Carol

Carol became interested in mental health and how the brain works when she was 12 years old and discovered Freud and Jung case studies. Her interest in mental health and what makes people tick, has led her on an winding path. This path moved from work with mental illness, to Human Services/Counseling Education, detouring into the study of Human Trafficking/Terrorism and International Diplomacy, and moving to the current area of focus -Mental/Spiritual/Physical Wellness and how these are connected.



Carol has had an extensive teacher/trainer career. She is a current faculty member at the University of Phoenix teaching in the Counseling and the Human Services Departments. Carol has trained individuals on a broad range of topics within the mental health/wellness arena including Human Trafficking, Stress Management for Educators, Vicarious Trauma in Law Enforcement and Probation and Parole,  Vicarious Trauma for those in the Helping Field, Vicarious Trauma for Social Media staff, Creating and Implementing a Self Care Plan, and Stress Reduction during Retirement. She enjoys motivating people both during trainings and in the classroom. Her classes tend to be highly interactive as she sees that this approach helps to keep everyone engaged. Carol also helps agencies create or update their existing Wellness Programs.

Carol has many years experience as a Marriage and Family therapist working with all types of individual and family issues. She comes from a systems approach and believes that the first system people belong to is their family of origin. Carol enjoys helping individuals and families move from a place of unhappiness and/or dissatisfaction to a place of increased happiness and satisfaction. Carol is also available for Mediation Services as well.

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