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We are highly motivated to support others in their wellness. There are occasions where people have an existing wellness program, but need support to revamp or strengthen that program. We work to come up with a plan that will take that program to the next level. If there is not a wellness program in place, we can help to create one that is tailored to the needs of the company.

Wellness Program Development

As more awareness is raised about the detrimental effects of stress, companies begin to contemplate the idea of creating a Wellness Program. We have experience working with agencies to develop Wellness Programs that address the distinct needs of that company. This includes creating policies and procedures, looking at the work environment, and creating a plan that is beneficial to the agency and its employees.
There are situations that arise that don't necessarily require therapy, but just an objective third party to help individual parties come to an agreement. We are always excited when we have the opportunity to bring two sides together for the mutual benefit of both.
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